Complete Orientation offered twice a month
Return Questionnaire with $17.50 processing fee per individual applicant and $35.00 per joint applicant. (Effective December 1, 2014 the credit report fee will increase to $20 per applicant) You will receive the questionnaire form the day before Orientation via email.
Make appointment with Credit counselor.
Credit Counselor will analyze your income, expenses and credit report with you and provide affordability analysis.
Ready to Purchase Follow process below
Meet with one of our Member Lenders for pre-approval
Attend Home Buyer Education classes offered twice a month.
Meet with Realtor® and begin looking for a home.
Once contract is exe-cuted, Member Lender reserves DPA for you.
You will meet with TLC Loan Officer for DPA application & processing.
Prior to closing you will need to provide TLC with copy of homeowners insurance policy and  home inspection.
Not ready to Purchase
Follow process below
Counselor will provide action plan to address credit and income issues.
Attend Financial Fitness course offered monthly.
Attend Homebuyer Club meeting course offered quarterly.
Request Update Appointment once Action Plan items are completed. The $17.50/individual and $35.00/joint application fee will be required for the updated credit report. (Effective December 1, 2014 the credit report fee will increase to $20 per applicant)
Ready to Purchase. Follow Ready to Purchase Process.

Still have work to do. Repeat Process as needed.

Fees you need to be prepared to pay include:

    •  An appraisal to determine the value of the property

    •  A home inspection to determine the condition of the property and if any
      repairs must be made

    •  A deposit on the sales contract or down payment towards the purchase of
      your home.

These costs are included in your part of the down payment and closing costs.

    • Once you have signed a contract, and made your loan application, you must meet
      with the home inspector at your home-to-be to go over any needed repairs or
      maintenance suggestions.

    • You will also need to get homeowners insurance to protect your new home-to-be.
      We recommend you start this process as soon as possible. Flood insurance may
      be required.

    • After that, all you have to do is attend the closing and take possession of your
      new home!

Yes this program really works, just ask any of the more than 1800 families that have been able to buy their own homes in the last 18 years!